Things To Prepare When Selling Your Home

Things to Prepare When Selling Your Period Home

1)  De-clutter. Make the rooms look as spacious as possible, take photos & ornaments off window sills, [pictures off walls where not necessary, take all the magnets off the fridge, etc. Depersonalising your home lets a buyer see themselves in your home.

2) Make sure all the lightbulbs and switches work, especially for evening viewings, making sure you have outside lights also at the front to make your home more inviting.

3) Fix any minor snagging details and unfinished DIY jobs, which will be cheaper than negotiating with a potential buyer for works they feel they have to do immediately.

4) Kerb Appeal.  Is the lawn mowed, does the front door or garage have flaking paint, are gutters clear?

5)  Shift furniture around to make access to the windows more easy, creating a pathway around the room.

6)  Pets.  Remove evidence of pets, water and food bowls, dog beds, etc.  Not all buyers like pets, so best for them to be out of the house when viewings take place.  Fish tanks are ok.

7)  Do all the rooms show as they should ?  Is bedroom 4 a bedroom or a study, is the reception room a dining space or kids room ? Defining its use makes it easier for a buyer to visualise themselves in your home.

8)  Spring Clean, seriously !  Give your home a one off, deep and thorough clean.  Take care to look for cobwebs around ceilings and light fittings, polish mirrors, check for mildew and moisture around window frames, scrub the oven, clean inside kitchen cupboards.  Buyers can be very critical when viewing.

9) Get Out.  No offence, but when viewing, buyers want to feel at ease so let your agent do the job for you.  If there are any questions, the agent can always come back to you rather than putting you on the spot. Let a buyer have time to  look and appreciate your home to get the full impact.   If you are unable to go out, don't worry, just relax while they work around you.